Friday, December 20, 2013

Use Hudson to schedule a daily execution of Ant (therefore your test cases)

Welcome to the forth and last post about this subject. Today the Hudson settings will be done, this will allow to run the Ant Script that was done on the previous post.

First you have to install Hudson, to install it,  go where the downloaded Hudson file is, and write the following command:

Java –jar hudson-3.1.1.war --httpPort=8989

--httpPort=8989 means the Port where you want  to install Hudson.  When the Hudson setting-up is completed, go to http://localhost:8989/  there you will be able to meet the Hudson UI.

Now you have to configure Hudson, click on Configure System, and then configure the JDK  and Ant sections. You need to tell Hudson where Ant and JDK are installed.

After this you can select Create New Job and then put a name to your new Job,in this example we named "prueba".

Then, you have to go to the Build section, click in Invoke Build->Step->Invoke Ant,  make sure that on Ant Version the Ant_Default is selected. 

Now, on Targets  write the first target that will be called on the Ant Sripts.

Finally, on Build File write the address where your Ant Script is.

Hudson allows you to Schedule the execution of our script, to do this, go to the Build Triggers section and select the Build periodically option.

To select which day and time we want to execute our script, we used the following format:

Minute Hour Day Month
Minute -> (0 – 59)
Hour -> (0 – 23)
Day -> (1 - 31)
Month -> (1 – 12)

For example if you want to execute our script on December 18 at 9:30 PM you have to write:

30 21 18 12 *

Now you can execute the script, to finish click on the Build now option and you should see the Hudson console.

Congratiolations! You have now an automated testing system to be sure that your system will remain stable in the case of continuous integration.

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